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Chincoteague Fishing Information

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing can be done on nearby Assateague National Seashore, either on foot or with a vehicle. Striped Bass (Rockfish), Flounder, Red Drum, Black Drum, Bluefish, and Sharks are the prime targets for surf fisherman.

Pier Fishing

The Chincoteague fishing pier is located in downtown Chincoteague, near the town's historic shopping district. Once part of the old drawbridge, the fishing pier extends into Chincoteague's  Main Channel. On the south side of the pier, several old bridge pilings  remain, which provide structure. Anglers fishing at this pier may catch flounder, striped bass, bluefish, black sea bass, gray trout, croaker, spot, kingfish, pigfish, northern puffer, blue  crabs, and others. You can also fish from the City Dock at Robert Reed Park which is just north of the pier.

Another pier fishing option can be found at Chincoteague Veteran's  Memorial Park which is located on Eastside Road.  This pier is located along the Assateague Channel facing Assateague Island.

If you plan on surf or pier fishing during your visit be sure to visit Capt. Steve's Bait & Tackle at 6527 Maddox Blvd. or call them at (757) 336-0567 to get the latest surf and pier fishing information, as well and the bait and tackle you'll need to have a successful day.

Inshore Fishing

There are a variety of areas to fish around Chincoteague by boat. Chincoteague Bay and adjacent channels and creeks offer opportunities for light tackle fishing for Flounder, Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Bluefish, Croaker, Kingfish, and small sharks.

There are numerous coastal wrecks and artificial reefs within easy reach of Chincoteague Inlet. These areas are good spots to catch Flounder, Sea Bass, Tautog, Trigger Fish, Sheepshead, and Dogfish.

Offshore Fishing

The Mid-Atlantic waters off the coast of Chincoteague offer some great big-game fishing opportunities. There are numerous hills and lumps located between 25 and 40 miles off the coast that attract Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, and a variety of large sharks including Tiger, Mako, Thresher, Dusky, Blacktip, and Hammerheads.

Deep water canyons including the Norfolk, Washington, and Poorman's canyons are the prime areas to locate Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Bigeye  and Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo.  

For those willing to take on the challenge of bottom fishing in 300' to 600' depths you can target Blueline and Golden Tilefish.  Trophy size Sea Bass can also be found around deep-water wrecks.

Fishing techniques include trolling with artificial lures or rigged baits, chunking for tunas, chumming for sharks, and bottom fishing.

What's Biting and When

This calendar provides a general timeline of when various species are available in our region. If you're interested in targeting a specific fish you should schedule your visit during the peak periods.

Fishing Calendar